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Amongst the obstacles to researchers’ international mobility cultural differences are often the most invisible and certainly are not the easiest to overcome.
If you are a researcher visiting a European country we hope we could help you!
If you are an institution hosting foreign researchers our experience might be helpful for you as well!


“EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion” is a unique initiative, launched by the European Commission (European Union) to promote Research careers and facilitate the mobility and career of Researchers across Europe. EURAXESS is a one-stop-shop for the development of your career in Europe with the support of a network of people to assist you!


Mobile Researcher Lens

VITAE & ImpactE team designed and produced a 'lens' that highlights the areas of the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) that are particularly relevant for internationally mobile researchers. This complements the existing series of lenses (teaching, outreach, intrapreneurship, ...) to the RDF that already exist. Now it is available for use!


Mobile Researcher Lens 


For queries please contact rdf@vitae.ac.uk .