About ImpactE

ImpactE was a EURAXESS 7FP project focused on the successful professional and social integration of the researchers into a new environment. Amongst the obstacles to international mobility cultural differences are the most invisible and not the easiest to overcome as they are based on non-material factors, which differ from other matters like getting a visa or a place to stay.


Universities and research institutions from 8 European countries united their efforts to:

  • to empower researchers enrolled in mobility programmes with new capacities - professional and 'soft skills'
  • to improve the quality of EURAXESS services staff in the field of social, cultural and professional integration of researchers
  • to establish a network of EURAXESS ImpactE alumni, turning them into disseminators of EURAXESS


ImpactE target groups

ImpactE project will simultaneously target three groups of stakeholders:
  • 200 mobile researchers. By offering them specific professional and 'soft' skills training.
  • EURAXESS staff members in the partner countries. By participating in the specific 'train the trainer' scheme.
  • All EURAXESS network staff will benefit through common workshops and a TTT Guide.


ImpactE activities

Thereare planned several key activities for implementation of the  ImpactE project goals:


Learn more about each activity and its results in Trainings & Workshops and Dissemination









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